Chronicle of The Trinkets Converted

'..I care not for summer, days too long, the heavy heat. Give me candlelight evenings, early darkness, a silent street..'

Oh and so the night falls, and the somber skies take over. Somewhere faraway you hear a boisterous symposium coming alive. The candle flames flickering, and the laughs somehow comforting even. The chatter seems to diminish at some point and amplify at other, but never to die down. Who might they be? A family? A couple of friends reuniting after long? Who might they be? With no heed for the harsh winter to come, or the wildly flickering flames now starting to ebb. Who might they be?

Seizing the whole evening, gripping it so tight, as if it’s the only day they have left. Who might they be? Making the most out of it.

Navhara Shell Platter

With the faded greens and the forest brown, we are going to let the form take over. How, the brown contours perfectly along the coils. Such a platter is supposed to be a centerpiece, like an omphalos. Like the rest of the pieces from our Navhara collection, this piece too will look absolutely stunning when paired with something else. Something to compliment it’s nuanced forms.

Shell Platter

But how can a piece of cutlery, feel refreshing? You might ask. And here’s your answer. Place our Peppermint shell platter and tell us that you don’t feel the magic of it, tell us that every time you walk past your kitchen the platter doesn’t catch your eye. Tell us the salad in the platter doesn’t taste extra crispy today.
Because we know that you’ve already felt the magic, and the platter has caught several glimpses and the sald does taste crispier than usual. Because that’s what our Peppermint shell platter does to you. It’s not just a plate, it’s a whole experience. It’s not there to sit all meek behind the glass doors, Oh! no no, it’s meant to liven you up

Rouge Shell Platter

Okay, so here’s the deal. We are not the ones to brag around. And we won’t. Because, Amalfiee Rouge Shell Platter speaks for itself. Notice how, these colours swaying and merging into one another and complimenting each other. The rouge nucleus, how could one flout it. Our Rouge shell platter is everything but boring. I mean, get you a platter that is going to make your Instagram page ven more aesthetic!

Am I right?

Raajsi Shell Platter

Raajsi means ‘royalty’. For those that seek luxury. For those striving for opulence. Raajsi is an ode to the rich culture and heritage of the soil you walk on. Raajsi is for the listeners of the great stories. It is for a community by a community.
The brilliant streaks of our Carmine red to elevate your dinner party. The alluring form that it takes, from the nature herself.
Perfect for the festive season. Oh! The magestic glory it brings. How it seems to be the centre of attention everytime you put it forth. Raajsi is for your inner grandeur. Raajsi is for your inner royal. Raajsi- Dine like a royal.

Sarvottam Shell Platter

Sarvottam shell platter like every other of our Sarvottam piece denotes peace. It’s for the sleepy afternoons and for the mellow evenings.

Sarvottam is for you when you finally decide to take a moment for yourslef. From the hustle bustle, from the constant screens.  Sarvottam will keep you company and bestow tranquility around you.

For when you meditate, notice how you become one with your surroundings? Sarvottam is for your quietude you time.

In the misty, mellow evenings, when all you want to do is eat some sugar cookies and drink your Earl Grey, Sarvottam is a perfect choice. Sarvottam- For your quietude you time.

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