Dive into the muses of this midnight blue and snowy white Gulchandani Dinner Collection. Creating a mesmerizing and calming mood with its zest, this collection includes our bestselling pieces. Inspired from the moonlight on a midnight sky and the tiny reflections of the stars’ light on our windows, the reflections of light on the glossy ultramarine blue surface creates an exquisite vibe. Ranging from dinner plates and salad plates to decorative bowls and eccentric serving platters, this collection with illuminate your evening with its spark and style.
Taking inspiration from the organic pigment of the flower Banafsha, the colour of which is a combination of scarlet red and blue, this dinner collection features gracefully glazed stoneware ceramics which includes everything you need for a small lunch gathering or a flamboyant evening. The sparkling red glaze has the quirk to be the star of the party with its charming curves and alluring vibes. Made with a lot of experimentation and love, this collection has it all ranging from small pickle bowls, desserts bowls, soup bowls and yogurt bowl to dinner plates and salad plates to satisfy every need. With a wide range of crockery and delightful shades, Banafsha will add the pigment of spark to your décor collection.
This premium collection is inspired from the mild hues of nature and is versatile with all styles of décor. Sarvottam’s luxurious range includes very eccentric and never seen before pieces inspired from the sinuate leaves and the coarse textures of the nature like our very eloquent leaf bowl with its uneven and unique form. The sage green glaze gives the character of the bristly tree bark melting over the nude pinkish beige tone which fits well with any kind of interior to add a classy and artistic vibe to your lunch party.
Fetching the freshness in the air with a cool and calming colour scheme and bronze glazing, Peppermint collection provides you dinnerware, serveware, barware and some more mesmerizing pieces that will leave one in awe. The tranquil effects and pastel colour scheme with glossy finish of the glaze creates the perfect mood for a fun lunch gathering. The finish of hand and imperfect perfections are what make this collection and each piece unique and ravishing.
Our love for terracotta comes from its simple and earthy nature. This collection is derived straight from earth without any artificial processes involved. The clay comes from earth, is moulded into these gorgeously shaped utility items through the delicate and skilled hands of artisans and brings the natural and earthy form to your tables. Develop a unique connection with our nature through these handcrafted terracotta pieces in tableware as well as artware collection.
Bringing all the cotton candy spring vibes to your table, this collection is inspired from the European interiors which radiates pastel pink and peach ambience with high society feel. The baby pink and baby blue with melting glaze design gives that summery feel which is why this collection is perfect for a fun warm afternoon to share scrumptious delicacies with your friends and family with our premium range of leaf bowls and unseen platters which will add the zest of enthusiasm in your environment.
Inspired from the calming hues of forest, this sage green design collection topped with some bronze glaze which gives the effect of trees. The smooth and glossy finish with a neutral tone makes this collection perfect for everyday use. Ranging from round serving bowls to groovy oval leaf platters for serving salad and appetizers in fashion, this collection brings you the organic forest vibe in the most unique form.
Neelaksh dinner collection- Inspired by the blue sky and its soothing and calming nature, this collection is especially designed for minimalist enthusiasts. The effortless nature of this collection is perfect to bring some fun to your lunch party or snack evening with your friends. The matte and speckled texture brings a unique quirk to your tableware collection. Dive into the pastel colour scheme where blues will amuse.
Dive into Modern luxury with this all new “Shwet” Collection which is inspired from white flowers in nature. With matte finish and speckled texture, this collection brings absolute modern beauty and class to your tableware collection. The off white glaze with a slight touch of golden touch on the rims makes it very minimal and perfect for a formal or chill gathering with family and friends. The simplistic nature of this collection makes it suitable for any kind of interior and adds the special touch of subtle touch of lavishness and luxury.