The house of Amalfiee specializes in stoneware pottery which is gracefully done in our studios by the gifted hands of our skilled artisans from across the country. The art of stoneware beautifully transforms the soil from the earth into these gorgeously glazed pieces which embellishes your homes.


The journey of a stoneware ceramic piece is truly beautiful. Extracting from our earth, the soil is converted into mouldable soft and friendly clay. The versatility of the clay allows us to build it to any desirable shape. The hands of the artisans hug the clay lumps gradually shaping it into beautiful forms which can be lovingly held by us. Then we apply the glaze which gives gorgeous vibrant and diverging patterns and colours to the monotonous looking piece after the firing. After hours of appropriate firing, these mesmerizing pieces are ready to fill your homes with grace and love.


The name Stoneware comes from its stone-like texture and density. Pottery produces very fragile pieces which are porous and lack rigidity. Transforming them to stoneware ceramics using glazes and minerals fortifies it and enhances the strength and beauty of the piece. It adds durability and a finished look which can be used in the long term for various purposes ranging from storage to serving, decorations, etc.

Our team at Amalfiee is strongly passionate about the art of stoneware pottery and we believe that each and every artisan holds the power to mould the piece into an unseen one. Each piece is carefully handcrafted and holds the heart and skill of a talented artisan which makes every product that we deliver, unique.


We, at Amalfiee believe that Luxury comes from experience. Stoneware pottery is strong, hard and nonporous. It’s durable, elegant and versatile; capable of being anything from a dinner set to a baking dish. In our case, it can also stand up to the heat from a microwave and dishwasher and is completely lead free. Stoneware also distributes and retains heat more evenly than other types of pottery, so it’s delightful for you to enjoy a steaming hot morning coffee or tea.


Running this company based on an Indian handicraft enables us to support our local artisans and allows them to grow with us. We as Indian audience emerging from a global pandemic need to preserve our handicraft as it represents our identity and will carry on the craft to future generations.  Amalfiee Ceramics hopes to take this unique artistry to a global level showcasing these eccentric pieces worldwide and beautify every home with a hope for a more sustainable world.