1. What is Amalfiee? What is your story?

Amalfiee specializes in ceramic designs which are gracefully derived from Earth to bring an authentic and 100% Indian experience to
your tables. Our biggest inspiration lies in nature. We aspire to bring the tranquillity of colours and pleasant forms in our environment
through our designs and glazes combined with some zest and style and packed with gorgeously vibrant colours to your homes.


2. What type of products do you cater to?

We use Ceramics, Terracotta and hands full of love to make luxury tablewares & artware and a royal dinner experience for our


3. Where is Amalfiee located?

The store is located in Haralur Main Rd, Amblipura,1st Sector, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103., whereas we reside on our
Customer’s hearts.



1. What are the base materials used?

Ceramics & Terracotta are two base materials currently in use. We do wish to expand and bring new materials on the table for our


2. What is the making process?

Extracting from our earth, the soil is converted into mouldable soft and friendly clay. The versatility of the clay allows us to build it to any desirable shape. The
hands of the artisans hug the clay lumps gradually shaping it into beautiful forms which can be lovingly held by us. Then we apply the glaze which gives
gorgeous vibrant and diverging patterns and colours to the monotonous looking piece after the firing. After hours of appropriate firing, these mesmerizing
pieces are ready to fill your homes with grace and love.
3. Who makes the products?
All our products are handmade by the experienced artisans, The only time a machine is used is for baking the clay
4. Can the products be personalized? If yes, how?

1. How long does it take to make a single collection?

2. How durable is the product?

The products are rough and tough but the nature of material does not allow it to be gravity proof.
3. What are the care instructions for tableware?
While you can be rough with the products, make sure to grip it firmly. The colors and polish are there to stay, you can freely use
any dishwasher and dry it with a soft fabric.
4. Are the materials, colors, polishing safe to eat in?
All the materials are organic and hence, safe to eat in.

1. How to clean the Art ware?

Use a slightly wet cloth to clean the artwares, if its detailed, use a soft brush to get rid of any dirt.
2. Does the paint or polish fade away with regular wash?
No, The colors and polish won’t fade away with regular wash.
3. What is the starting range of the products?


1. How can I track my order?
Click on the Track Order option at the bottom of the page or click here (Link to the track order page).
2. Domestic Delivery - Charges & timings?

3. Where is my product processed from?

4. Which countries do you deliver to?

5. Do you provide in-store pickup for online orders?


1. What payment methods do you accept?

2. Do you provide COD feature?

Yes, we do provide cash On Delivery Option.

3. Can I pay online to the delivery guy for a COD order?

4. Do you provide refunds of the products?

No, we do not provide refunds. Whereas we do have exchange policy, click the link to read more.
5. How long does it take to make a refund?
It takes 14 working days to process a refund, starting from the day we receive the product.
6. If my product is eligible for an exchange, can I issue a gift card or credit note
instead of another product? If yes, how?


1. Can we exchange our products?

Yes, you can exchange the product only if you receive a defective piece from our end.

2. How long does it take to exchange?

Once the exchange is placed, a delivery executive will pick up the item within 2 working days.

3. By when can we opt for an exchange?

One must place an exchange within 7 days of receiving the item.


1. How many varieties of gift boxes/packaging do you offer?
2. Are your packagings sustainable?
3. Are the gift packagings limited to the gift sets/combos that you offer?
4. Can we make personalized note with the gift?
5. Are there extra charges for the gift packaging?


1. What is the minimum amount of gift cards we can purchase?
2. Are there additional charges for a gift card?
3. How can I redeem a gift card?
4. When does a gift card expire?
5. What if I lose my Gift Card?
6. Can I get a refund on my gift card?

General Queries?

1. Are all your products available online?
No, have have a huge variety of products available in store. Please visit the store to explore more.
2. How do I contact the Amalfiee Customer service Team?
You can contact us via the following:
Mail: amalfieeceramics@gmail.com
Telephone no.: +919538040395 Monday-Saturday 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
3. For a Bulk order, can I book an appointment for personalization?
4. What are the store’s operating hours?
5. What are your privacy policies?
6. What are your T&C?
7. Does your site use cookies?