Our Story

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Amalfiee specializes in ceramic designs which are gracefully derived from Earth to bring an authentic and 100% Indian experience to your tables. Our biggest inspiration lies in nature. We aspire to bring the tranquillity of colours and pleasant forms in our environment through our designs and glazes combined with some zest and style and packed with gorgeously vibrant colours to your homes.




Blending Indian handicrafts with the goodness of elegance to generate each piece which is beautifully handcrafted by our artisans across the country to bring the best of tableware to your homes.

Bringing the best, never seen before designs and patterns uniquely fabricated to present a splash of creativity in your surroundings.

Deriving the designs and inspirations from nature which also preserve the nature through our 100% eco-friendly products and processes involved which adds the idea of beauty as well as the act of sustainability for our environment.




Our Journey

The journey of our pottery path started with Amal Guha, a ceramic engineer with a passion for pottery and uplifting artisans.

In 2018, in a small area called D’Monte Park, Bandra during Farmer’s Market in Bombay, Amalfiee Ceramics was found. We decided to take forward Amal Guha’s legacy and uplift and support artisans and the significance of Indian handicrafts in our country.


  • 2018

    Collaborated with hundreds of pottery artisans.
    Got acknowledgement in American Ceramic’s Society.

  • 2019

    Collaborated with 5+ major brands retailing our products across the country.
    Started online shipping through Instagram.

  • 2020

    Launched an e-commerce website establishing thousands of products for online shipping.
    Collaborating and showcasing thousands of artisans and their works from all across India.


Founder's Message

Taking forward the legacy of Amal Guha, my father-in-law, I started this company in 2018 as a small business out of my love and passion for Indian pottery. I embarked this journey by leaving my day job and spending time with pottery artisans across the country to acquire knowledge of their work. On our journey, we provided these artisans with the best of technology to fabricate the finest of stoneware ceramics with optimum use of our resources. These constructive minds living in small corners of our country contain a whirlpool of creative ideas which we intend to showcase through Amalfiee. They craft the pieces with mesmerising forms of glazes and colours without any professional training in design schools. Our vision is to preserve this handicraft for generations to come and take the pride of the India to a global level. Amalfiee’s prospective is to inspire people across the globe to appraise Indian handicrafts and move towards a more environmentally-sound future.

Praneeti Guha