Gulchandani - The moon vine


As you walk through the lush green fields, the grass around your feet like a wreath, a  little damp, a little soft, like wee cushions for your feet as you move forward. The path  ahead is hazy, the midnight fog is just starting to settle down.


The Morning Glory

The dew is fresh upon  the ground, leaving behind a subtle petrichor. The moonlight glistening off of the  droplets. It’s a full moon tonight. As you look around you, all you see are full moons on  the vines too! Some blooming, some fast asleep. Take them all in, for they’ll be no  more tomorrow. Like a mirage. Only the chosen ones get to see the moon flower coming to life, they say.

We at Amalfiee present to you our dinner set collection; Gulchandani- The moon  vine. Handcrafted with love, our dinner set is bound to bewitch you. Be it a table for  two or a banquet for the room, present your delicious meals with a panache!
Our  dinner set is certain to catch a few glimpses and start a few chatters. Worried about your plates ruining your IG aesthetic? With our Gulchandani platters, that’s one thing  less to worry about. Every plate, every bowl has a unique amalgamation of shapes  and colours and textures, all to please the human eye.   It always starts with a dot, then a line, to a shape and oh a droplet of colour.  Ofcourse, there’s a whole story behind our set. What makes it so different? So  peculiar? What makes it so ‘Once in the blue moon’? Like a blooming moonflower. 
Every set comes with the same cutlery, but does your eye catch the easter egg  within? The twinkle in yours, tells me that you have. All the same shapes, yet different  from the forms. All the same roots, yet different from the branches. Like us, as  humans, all from the same core, yet different from the being. What an absolute  marvel to possess something truly unique, truly yours.

Gulchandani represents a new light. In the dark times that we’re living in right now,  the moon flower signifies a beacon a hope. A silver lining indeed. A metaphor for the  fact that out of darkness comes creative blossoming.

Gulchandani represents togetherness, of warmth and of love that you have for those around you. For you can  never experience it alone.

Bringing you with love, Gulchandani- The moon vine