Tropical Bay- A tale of serenity and hymn of crashing waves

Tropical Bay- A tale of serenity and hymn of crashing waves
Summer is the perfect time for individuals to visit and enjoy the marvelous scenes along the coast. In addition, the feelings and experiences felt in the beach during the summer are always fantastic. At the beach during summer, there are several scenes and experiences to see and experience. These include; the plantation along the beach and inside the sea, the animals, the waters and the people found in the beach.
Our planet is covered by vast oceans, seas, lakes and of course plenty of unequal beaches. Whereas many people define the beauty of a beach based on clarity of water and whiteness of the sands, others are turned on by the power of the mighty waves, the beauty of the coastal communities and the rugged nature of the coastline.
Beautiful swaying palm trees, long stretches of white and black sand beach, and warm, tropical breezes day and night. Lush, emerald, and quiet beach where you can stretch out on the pristine golden-white sand while listening to the pounding of rhythmic waves lapping at the shore, just a few feet from your tanned and contented toes.
That rhythmic washing of the waves is the perfect sound to lull your senses into a deep and untroubled sleep, and when you awake, you feel fully refreshed and alive for the first time in months. The air has the tang of salty freshness that only comes from the ocean and the birds warble and chirp in the dense foliage that surrounds this magical and empty beach.
And the bird, Toucan is an attractive neotropical bird, whose large slender body can be approximately 33 to 64 centimeters long. They have rounded wings with a small tail. Their bill may be as long as their body and appear in any colorful variation.
The bill of a Toucan may be black, blue, brown, green, red, white, yellow, or any combination of colors. Toucans use their colorful bill to attract their mates. Their broken pattern also allows the bird to camouflage itself among the panorama of forest colors.
Our beautiful collection, Tropical Bay is inspired by the enchanted beaches and tropical bird, Toucan. A collection which reminds you of the vivid scent of salt and sea, feel of tiny wavelets tickling your toes before they rush back to their mother ocean. In addition, you feel as if you are a kid again when you see the Bird Toucan, its bright and cheerful appearance making you feel as though you have no worries in the world.