Raajsi - Dine like a royal

Our country has had a rich and diverse history. A history of stories and folktales of wars and lovers, of the superstitious of the fancy and the fooled. The tales of rajahs mighty and ranis valiant. And all the royals alike

A Royal Affair

Years of traditions and cultures have given these stories new and individual forms. The characters coming alive with each telling and the palaces being adorned with every word of mouth. The mystic intricacies, the glints of the grandeur chandeliers, the tinkering of the beads, and everything resplendent. The vibrant reds and oranges and greens. Who needed a festival to adorn them? As sumptuous as the palaces looked from the outside, deeper the stories it carried along. The vivid characters each bring to the table their own share of oddities.

With the festive season approaching, the preparations are in a full swing. The flush of deep reds and the wash of yellows and browns adding to this year’s worth of tradition. We bring to you, our dinner set, Raajsi- Dine like a royal. Explore the eras of culture and heritage of India. Red is an auspicious colour in our culture, when paired with some delicious Shahi Mutter Paneer and some Buttery rotis, stomachs are bound to growl. Serve some deliciously gooey Roshogullas in our Raajsi bowls to guarantee you compliments from the masses! Or would you prefer the earthiness of the beloved Rogan Josh, to fill the stomachs and hearts of many? The spices in the gravy lingering around the edges, the aroma filled room, and our beloved Raajsi collection to elevate it all!