Sanaah- The Enchanted Glow

Sanaah- The Enchanted Glow

A travel through time tells you a lot about ceramics. The origins, the history, the various processes and traditional techniques implemented in each variety of pottery. One of such famous pottery is Delftware.

Started at the heart of China, Jingdezhen; the art form of fine, translucent, blue and white porcelain attained quite a reputation across the world. Blue and white pottery covers a wide range of white pottery and porcelain decorated under the glaze with a blue pigment, generally cobalt oxide.

As the Chinese Potter's attention to detail and story-telling through the ceramic pieces where only affordable to the rich households. The Dutch started making cheaper alternative of the "blue and white pottery". This opened there gates to a huge market and new opportunities. But apart from being beautiful these type of pottery only claimed spots in the shelves and walls as a décor piece, as cobalt oxide used in making this kind for pottery is highly toxic and can be fatal.

We have always been highly mesmerized by blue and white pottery and beauty of its monochromatic colours, the play of brush strokes throughout and the precision of making depth and detail using the same pigment. Inspired by the beauty and endurance of the Blue Himalayan Poppy, we thought about trying out hand-painting in a monochromatic scheme where we indirectly implementing the ideology of blue and white pottery.

With each piece of Sanaah being individually hand-painted to precision, this collection is a product of love, passionate dedication and artistic effort by our craftsmen and designers. The idea of doing everything by hand seemed crazy at first but then, we saw the passion and excitement in everyone’s eyes about this project and we dived straight into it with all our best efforts. We hope your homes are painted with the colour of love, peace and harmony with Sanaah. Every piece of this collection is unique in itself, as it is completely handcrafted and adorned with human touch.

As we, truly take a step towards celebrating human touch and authentic Indian artistry with hand-painted ceramics, do you part to support your local craftsmen and artisans.