Vriksh - The Earth Song

Every tree has a story, listen, close your eyes, take a moment and you'll hear as the leaves sway lightly and the branches dwindle. The afternoon sun, forming the perfect 'komorebi'. The deep browns, the peeping auburns, nature truly is a wonderful gimmick As you tread lightly into the greens, you'll need to observe. Silence is your best friend, Observe. And you'll see the brilliance that nature truly is. Once you see, the elements are all quite the same, it's just trees. But dear wanderer what you fail to see is how even though they're all the same there are these subtle differences. Like, the colours, like members of the same family, one root, several individuals
A  R U S T I C  P A R A D I G M
The collection is a connect between you and the essence of nature. It's purpose is to bring peace and joy into your life. The serenity that nature brings on to you is reflected through this collection. The organic forms, the rustic tones forming an escape route from the monotonicity of your routine. For when you glance over at these intricately handcrafted pieces a wave of solitude rushes over you, it takes you to a moment of tranquility, of serenity.
"In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike."
- P A U L O  C O E L H O
A N  I N T R I N S I C  P U L C H R I T U D E
The set is like a story when put together. When together one sees it's true essence. How each piece is individual yet the same. The colour palette is consistent everywhere but see how it plays with every product breathing a life into it. Imagine what an experience plating in these would be. Any subject is incomplete with the space it's in. The pieces are the backdrop to the food that is the subject. When paired together, it's meant to be.
"Come sit beneath the glowing embers of an autumn tree, Whose rich hues are a natural wonder many come to see, While colourful leaves glide down in a whirling course, Like embers breaking loose from their flaming source. Glowing for a moment as if falling to their ending fate, Instead, nourishing Earth for rebirth into a new state."