The chronicles of a meal

The sky is changing disguise, and the moon has finally settled upon them. The  evening breeze carries an aroma with it. Of a meal to come, from the kitchen  counter to the dining table. Restless minds, hungry stomachs, all wait  patiently breathing in the air, hoping to fill their famished bellies with the  aroma alone. The steam gliding gallantly off of the food, shiming into the

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not  dined well”
-Virginia Woolf

short conversations meant only to fill the hungry silences. And oh! Here it  comes, served onto the platters fit enough for a king. The dal slyly sliding off  the corner of the bowl, and two rice grains daintily fall onto the table. Oh!  What an evening!

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‘A nosh-up interlude

Join the table with our vibrant range of cutlery, that will add on to the  excitement of your meal. A perfect Instagram story will be almost unavoidable  once you lay your hands on our pieces crafted specially for you! When our  reds will compliment the colours of your collation, a discussion is bound to  happen! As the meal will be a treat for your buds, our dinner sets be on for  your eyes. We bring you our Raajsi collection, with vivid reds and muted  ochres, you’ll have a dining collection fit for the royals.