The Tea Time Charade

``There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea``
-Bernard Paul Heroux

The clock is close to chime at 5 in the evening. Of course, there are many more indicators telling you to take a break. The cruel sun is on to set. The breeze coming through your window, swaying the curtains along with it. Your tummy rumbling telling you to take your eyes off the screen to the beautiful sunset outside. Now, how can you do it a justice if you just keep sitting inside. Come outside with the zephyr. The chai boiling on the stove, aroma filling the whole house.

“Amalfiee Ceramics present to you our Navhara collection, with deep jade greens and rusty browns. It’s like nature in a cup.

An umber reverie

With the winter approaching, doesn’t a nice hot cup of coco sound like a fantastic idea? As the cold air gushes against your window panes, howling to be let in, you make yourself a delicious cup of coco, and curl in with a good book. Is it your favourite good ol’ Agatha Christie or have you ventured enough courage to go for the new book that’s been on your side table since the day you ordered it? Well, we leave the choice up to you, we trust you with making the best one! But whatever it might be, your trusty old mystery book with the pages yellow and filled with memories or the the new and shiny one still in it’s package waiting to be let out, your cup of coco is bound to be a trusted ally with either.

As you gently put your lips to the cup and slurp a mouthful, a sloosh of marshmallows, chocolates and all the heavenly goodness, you are thankful for the free Sunday lying ahead of you, I mean, you’ve just woken up and it’s already 12 pm, well you could bake some cookies really. But the coco seems to put a charm on you, leaving all the warmth and cozy doesn’t seem like a good idea now, does it? And thus you slip in to your snug duvet, your book and your trusted cup of coco waiting for you to finish the last drops from it.

“With the pastel pinks and the gorgeous brown patterns forming a mystical girdle around, we bring to you our beloved Sarvottam Collection”

A chai soirée..

‘The guests are coming…’  you mutter to yourself as you brush the sweat off your brow, as you jostle to pick the mess off the floor, as you move round in circles in the living room overwhelmed, dusting the pillows for the zillionth time. Well, that’s how good it’s going to get, as you look nervously around the house. Time to set the table. You take out the cups and saucers from our Sarvottam Collection. Appreciating the pinks and the touch of yellows, ‘ this what they call adulting? When the thought of mere cutlery excites you?…’, you think to yourself. Maa is going to love these! Maybe you should’ve gotten her a set of her own. As you look around the house one last time, more relaxed now, before answering the door.

We bring to you our Sarvottam collection. Handcrafted with love, as always. With a soft, timeless design, our tea set is set to captivate the hearts of many

“We present to you our Peppermint collection with gorgeous summer vibes adorned with shades of Teals and Tiffany blue. Making an everlasting statement, a sight for sore eyes.”

Le Goûter

As the afternoon sun shines brightly in your backyard, bringing along with it the warm autumn breeze. The oven chimes to tell you your croissant is almost ready, waiting to be served nice and warm. Your cup of cappuccino brewing in our elegant cup from the Peppermint collection. It’s for for Le Goûter. The sunlight reflecting off of the rim, making the tones look magnificent almost. The trees rustling, the dandelions floating midair, intruding your room without a permission. Oh what an idle afternoon.

``Life starts all over again, when it gets crisp in the fall``- F. Scott Fitzgerald