Honey Nectar Floral Ceramic Tea Set of 11 pcs
Honey Nectar Floral Ceramic Tea Set of 11 pcs
Honey Nectar Floral Ceramic Tea Set of 11 pcs
Honey Nectar Floral Ceramic Tea Set of 11 pcs
Honey Nectar Floral Ceramic Tea Set of 11 pcs

Honey Nectar Floral Ceramic Tea Set of 11 pcs


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Microwave Safe Dishwasher Safe
Eco Friendly Handmade
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Imagine organising your own hidden garden tea party, packed with adorable honeybees and a bright embrace of yellow blossoms. Our Honey Nectar tea sets are more than just for tea; they're an invitation to a lovely break from the mundane. Each teapot and cup in this set is an intricate work of art, embellished with adorable honeybees and bright yellow blossoms. The distinct design provides a whimsical touch to your tea hour.Our teapots include a large spout for accurate pouring and an ergonomic handle for a secure grip. Each cup is intended to fit snugly in your palm for the best drinking experience. These ceramics are not just beautiful; they're practical too. They're easy to clean, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-friendly.

  • Set of 11
  • 3" Cups (240ml) - 4
  • 5.5" Saucer - 4
  • 5.5" Teapot- 1
  • 4" Milk pot- 1
  • 4" Sugar pot- 1
  • Ceramic Stoneware
  • Hand made
  • Lead-Free
  • Dish wash Safe
  • Scratch resistant
  • Microwave safe

Note- Each piece is handcrafted by our artisans which makes it unique and may show some difference in color, shape, and finish.

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    • Double fired at 1200 degree Celsius.
    • No harmful ingredients, including lead and cadmium, are present in our tableware.
    • Only food-safe glazes are used, ensuring the safe consumption of hot and cold substances in our products.
    • Microwave & Dishwasher friendly.
    • Sturdy and scratch resistant.
    • Each of our ceramics are handcrafted and painted so you may see variations and imperfections making each piece unique and one of a kind.
    • Washing Care:If you choose to wash the ceramic cookware by hand, please use a soft scrub brush and dish soap, and avoid metal and/or abrasive sponges.

    • Microwave Care:Refrigerated dinnerware should never be used in a hot microwave for any purpose. Ceramic dinnerware must be heated slowly and evenly.

    • General Care:Stoneware is not designed for the usage on the stove top. Ceramic dinnerware must be stored very carefully in cupboards or on shelves, Avoid stacking the ceramic cookware on top of each other to prevent scratches and damages.

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    Specification Type Value Specification Type Value
    Material Ceramics Size 3 pcs
    Weight 4 kg
    Volume 1200ml Pack Content 3" Cups (240ml) - 4, 5.5" Saucer - 4, 5.5" Teapot- 1, 4" Milk pot- 1, 4" Sugar pot

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